TRACTION Plan: Overview: Sampling a small segment (pocket communities) of San Francisco with high percentage of renters. Hayes Valley 7% ownership 93% rentals .18 sq. mi. Population: 5672 in 2008 – confined growth area is similar in 2017 169 one-day rental listings in November 2016 177 one-day rental listings in February 2017 Slightly higher than average San Francisco rental costs Neighborhood fairly close to downtown San Francisco Connect with Renters through direct mail offering services outlined in website and business plan. Connect with Landlords through phone contact and direct mail inquiry. Also: Bus stop posters, flyers and posters at local businesses (many small businesses in this community). Outdoor billboard advertising, street stand manned by a live person/people (flyers and banners). Gauge interest based on response. The number of responses can accurately reflect similar interest in larger markets. This is a highly scalable service and can be extended to other similar pocket communities to prove viability of the service.