INVESTMENT: Seeking investment of: $80k - $120k (per investor) 3 - 4 investors with a minimum total of $320k - maximum $480k FUNDS will be used for ... • Securing a skilled experienced Technical Lead • Securing an Ace Marketeer/Social Media Specialist • Traction plan set-up costs & execution • Business development operational overhead costs • Support and compensation for advisors, investors and contributers! NEXT Steps: • Securing investment capital • Securing qualified Technical Lead • Confirming advisor commitments SUPPORTING documents: • Traction Plan - (click here) • Pitch Deck - (click here) • Business Plan - (available upon request) TEAM ADVISORS Seeking Advisory team individuals interested in assisting a start-up, contact: JOEL SYMMES - Founder (415) 608-4644 Director / Developer / Digital Innovator Joel Symmes, in various capacities, has championed projects for Apple, McDonalds, Comcast, Electronic Arts, Ferrari, Aston Martin and many others. Projects that required innovation, insight, acute perspective and unusual achievement. Joel is a leader who guides projects from the position of influence and persuasion rather than a type-A protocol. He is able to see hidden barriers and obstacles and create results in ways different from the “usual”. Equipped with over 35 years experience in often unrelated fields, Joel can put together projects that yield interesting and uncommon results.